Proxy + Privacy Browser For Anonymous Surfing Of Blocked Websites On Android

Hit the Go button and youre good to go. Users can also configure the application by tapping the Settings button found on the bottom of the homescreen where a User Agent (UA) can be selected from from a list of UA presets. The app also removes browsing history in an instant and hides your actual IP address when you browse websites. Cookies can also be modified to prevent unwanted users from spying. Weve managed to test the application and the results were surprising. We can confirm that the application worked out well and blocked websites can be accessed easily like a walk in the park. Browsing speed can vary from time to time depending on the load of the proxy servers.
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Say hello to Safeplug, Pogoplug’s $49 Tor-in-a-box for anonymous surfing

Safeplug with phone

There were many tweaks invented in order to survive the snail-like internet connection speed in the past. Some were just bogus tricks to make the user feel it was going faster, others went further by optimizing the data traffic to make the most of the limited ability. But that was then and this is now. With todays amazing connection speeds, those tweaks are part of net history. While the bogus tricks are best kept buried, the others might still be useful today. Not only for those unfortunate users who are still connected to the internet through the dial-up modem slow lane, but also for the fortunate ones on DSL connections. One of the still useful old tricks is Toonel .
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Faster Internet & Anonymous Net Surfing Through Toonel

anonymous internet surfing

Its using very vetted software, he pointed out. We could have run a VPN or proxy service somewhere else, but we realized the only way to truly guarantee [anonymity and safety] is not to be reliant on any other service. People who are sceptical can look at the Linux level and see exactly what processes are running. Technical users can look inside the box and feel safe that its only running Tor. Pogoplug has even made firmware updates for the device pull-only, not push If we pushed, wed have to track all the boxes. Its pull-based for security reasons. Safeplug aside, Pogoplug is also seeking to reassure customers outside the U.S.
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